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Interactive Video for 

Engagement Marketing

Driving consumer engagement and sales through interactive video communications. 

Ramping up your KPIs

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Video Enrichment Technology

Retube is a real-time video-enrichment technology that transforms passive video content into a personalized, interactive, and engaging experience.


Retube Videos

Consumers enjoy playful commercial content, interact to get more information, and buy products seen in the video, while the advertisers get insightful data of the interactive engagement.


“Advertising should be delivered to consumers when Wanted, Needed, and Appreciated“

Brian Laverty,  Advertising Innovation Research, Turner AdLab

Success stories from our Partners​

Own Media

Embed video on websites and landing pages to enrich content, engage audience and generate sales using HTML or JS tag

On Social Media

Publish interactive videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and more

As Pre-Roll

Distributed as video pre-rolls (instream) using VAST/VPAID

As Video Banner

distributed as video banners (outstream) on publishers website using VAST/VPAID

Interactive Live Videos

Create dynamic content overlays from various data sources in non rendering mode for streaming video, OTT and VOD services.

Plain video

Start with a video from anywhere, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or upload an MP4

Retube Studio

Enrich the video with text labels, images, and sounds. Define interactive actions, save & publish

Publish Anywhere

Retube videos can be used in multiple marketing channels. Content can be updated at any time

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